Christmas Song Collections by Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil

10th Dec 2016

As one of the renowned Musician of the present saga in the Malayalam Christian Music Industry, Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil began his signature Christmas album titled Carol in the year 2003. Famous South Indian artists like Vijay Yesudas, K G Markose, Kester, etc. have sung Carol songs and the album was well received by the music lovers in Kerala. Some of the hit songs of this album were visualised in the latter years. 

Then in the year 2007, Celebrants India released a Christmas album titled Nakshathram written and composed by Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil. Tharakam Padunnallo is the most popular song from this album which is sung by Jeevan Mathew and is still one of the Rock Christmas song which people usually use for the Carol services.

Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil presented another album called Christmas in the year 2009 which is still considered as one of the best Malayalam Christmas collections with beautiful christmas melodies and soulful carol songs. This album has a breezy and soulful Christian melodies that creates the waves of devotion in the hearts of listeners. These melodies are usually selected for Carol singing competitions.

Then in the year 2012, Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil presented the Christmas album Santaclaus with a very special treat. The songs in this album is extra treated with joy and mood of celebration along with devotion. Another speciality of this album is that it has music of mostly liked genres.

The next Christmas season was welcomed by the seasonal album Unnimishiha. This album had more songs with karaoke and this album had great appreciation in the Christian Devotional music field for including the Karaoke tracks of the song in the mp3 CD.

In 2014, Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil released the Christmas album Sathram within very short period of time and this album contains 12 fresh and new Christmas tracks with some selected karaoke songs of this album.

Manje is the latest Christmas album crafted with trending and excellent music in short period by Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil and the songs of  this album has already gone viral in You Tube.

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