Charisma Geethangal(Released Date: 11-11-2014)

Christaian Devotional songs

Lyrics: Fr Wilson Kochuparambil

Music: Lekha Kayamkulam

Singers: Anu Priya, Alby, Lekha Kayamkulam, Biju, Neethu Prabhakaran, Ajayan, Giftty, Fr Wilson Kochuplakel

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Anaadhikkalam by Anu Priya
2 Athmave Ennil Nee by Alby
3 Athmave Nirayaname by Alby
4 Athmavil Nirayunna FM. by Lekha Kayamkulam
5 Athmavil Nirayunna by Biju
6 Ente Thamburan FM by Neethu Prabhakaran,Lekha Kayamkulam
7 Ente Thamburan by Ajayan,Lekha Kayamkulam
8 Jeevajalam Neeye by Giftty,Lekha Kayamkulam
9 Kurishin Chuvattil by Biju,Lekha Kayamkulam
10 Lokaikanathan by Neethu Prabhakaran,Lekha Kayamkulam
11 Paadam Aradhikka by Alby,Lekha Kayamkulam
12 Vishwasathal by Fr Wilson Kochuplakel,Lekha Kayamkulam
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