Dasaroopan(Released Date: 12-5-2013)

Christian Devotional Album Music by Fr.George Vayalil OCD & Sr.Emily Thekketheruvil SABS

Lyrics: Fr.George Vayalil OCD,Sr.Emily Thekketheruvil SABS(6)

Music: Fr.George Vayalil OCD,Sr.Emily Thekketheruvil SABS(6)

Singers: Fr.George Vayalil OCD, kester, Madhu Balakrishnan, Wislon Piravom, biju narayanan, Anju Joseph, Franko, Vitrag, Elizabeth Raju, Wilson Piravom, Delsy

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Introduction by Fr.George Vayalil OCD
2 Vayente Yesuve by kester
3 Thirubhojanam by Madhu Balakrishnan
4 Nallidayan by Wislon Piravom
5 Dasaroopa by biju narayanan
6 Thiruvosthiyil by kester
7 Enikkuvendathu by Anju Joseph
8 Nadha Ninte by Franko
9 Enikkayi by Vitrag
10 Mathave by Elizabeth Raju
11 Njanuruvaya
12 Sakaleshwara by kester
13 Murinjidumennu by Wilson Piravom
14 Ente Dheivame by Delsy
15 Dheivame Nin by Fr.George Vayalil OCD
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Sl. No Songs
1 Daivamenin_Dhasaroopa
2 Dhasaroopan_Dhasaroopan
3 Enikuvendathu_Dhasaroopan
4 Ennikai_Dhasaroopan
5 EnteDaivame_Dhasaroopan
6 Mathave_Dhasaroopan
7 Murijedum_Dhasaroopa
8 Nadhaninte_Dhasaroopan
9 Nallidayan_Dhasaroopa
10 Njanuruvaya_Dhasaroopan
11 Sakaleswara_Dhasaroopa
12 Thirubojanam_Dhasaroopan
13 thiruvosthiyil_Dhasaroopa
14 Vayente_Dhasaroopan

Price: Rs10

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