Eeshoykku(Released Date: 02-11-2010)

Christian Devotional Album : Music  by Fr. George Vayalil MCBS

Lyrics: Fr.George Vayalil MCBS

Music: Fr. George Vayalil MCBS

Singers: Fr.George Vayalil OCD, kester, biju narayanan, M G Sreekumar, Elizabeth Raju, Wislon Piravom, K G Markose, Cicily, Sini Jomon, Bobby Xavier

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Ttle by Fr.George Vayalil OCD
2 Eeshoykku Nalkaan by kester
3 Israyelin Nayakane by biju narayanan
4 Ennalum Neeyen by M G Sreekumar
5 Kannadaykalle by Elizabeth Raju
6 Althaarabaliyil by Wislon Piravom
7 Sleehanmaar by K G Markose
8 Thiruvosthiroopanaay by kester
9 Chanthamulla Roopam by M G Sreekumar
10 Aakashavaathil by Wislon Piravom
11 Halleluiah Paadi by kester
12 Eeshoyku Nalkaan by Cicily
13 Aathmaave Varikenne by Fr.George Vayalil OCD
14 Aadhimuthale by biju narayanan
15 Orupaadu Neram by Sini Jomon
16 Sarvaprathaapam by Bobby Xavier
17 Thiruvosthiroopanaay Fm by Elizabeth Raju
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Sl. No Songs
1 Aadhimuthale
2 AkaasaVaathil
3 Altharabaliyil
4 Ennalum
5 EshokuNalkan
6 Esrayelin
7 Hallelua
8 Sarvaprathapam
9 OrupaduNeram
10 Thiruvosthiroopanai

Price: Rs20

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