Glory to God(Released Date: 15/11/2012)

christan devotional songs by samji arattupuzha

Lyrics: Grace Joseph

Music: Samji Arattupuzha

Singers: kester, Gagul Joseph, Deleema, Wilson Piravom, afsal, Rajalakshmi, Bobby Xavier, Sunny Sebastine, Nishad, K.G. Markose, Chithra Arun, Ramesh Murali

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Aadhiyum Andhavum by kester
2 Aayiram Naaval by Gagul Joseph,Deleema
3 Dhievapithavine by Wilson Piravom
4 Ennullam Thullunnu by afsal
5 Karayunnathenthinay by Rajalakshmi
6 Mahahvam Mahathvam by Bobby Xavier
7 Povuka Sathane by Sunny Sebastine
8 Sarvashakthanaam by Nishad
9 Srashtavam Dheivame by K.G. Markose
10 Yeshu Yeshu by kester
11 Yeshuve Njan Female by Chithra Arun
12 Yeshuve Rajane by Ramesh Murali
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