Loving Touch(Released Date: 11/05/2005)

Christian Malayalam Devotional hit songs

Lyrics: Baby John Kalayanthani(1),Sumesh Koottickal,Jojo Vazhoor(5),Shymol Alex(7,11,12),Biju Payattinakuzhiyil(10,13),Joji Kaipanplackal(8)

Music: Sumesh Koottickal

Singers: K G Markose, Wilson Piravom, Shymol Alex, Wislon Piravom, Arun Jayaraj, kester

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Aba Pithave by K G Markose
2 Arilum Ashrayam by Wilson Piravom
3 Chumbanapookkala by Shymol Alex
4 Chumbanapookkalal by Wilson Piravom
5 Dhaivasneham by Wislon Piravom
6 Divya Karunyam by Wilson Piravom
7 Eeshoye by Wislon Piravom
8 Nithya Jeevan by Wilson Piravom
9 Oh Sneham by Arun Jayaraj
10 Swargavath by Wilson Piravom
11 Thiruvosthiyil by Shymol Alex
12 Thiruvosthiyil by Wilson Piravom
13 Thuvenmayeridum by kester
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