Mangalavartha(Released Date: 12-05-2010)

Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs : MUSIC by Kisho Geo

Lyrics: Kisho Geo

Music: Kisho Geo

Singers: Kisho Geo

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Mangalavartha by Kisho Geo
2 Nee Mozhinjal by Kisho Geo
3 Kai Thozhunnen by Kisho Geo
4 Ennil Vazhum Yeshunadha by Kisho Geo
5 Shreeyeshunadhan by Kisho Geo
6 Ennamathan Udharathil by Kisho Geo
7 Yeshuve Ninne Namikkunnu by Kisho Geo
8 Eeshwara Sarveshwara by Kisho Geo
9 Yeshuvodu Chernnu by Kisho Geo
10 Dheivapithavine by Kisho Geo
11 Vishudhithan Margangale by Kisho Geo
12 Eesho En Hridhayathin by Kisho Geo
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