Nakshathram(Released Date: 01-12-2008)

 Malayalam Christmas Songs with karaoke Songs

Lyrics: Fr.Shaji Thumpechirayil,Tojo Thankachan(3,4,7,11,14,15)Sunil Jospeh(2),Fr.Thomas Maniyankerikalam(5),Byju 2D(13),Lal Chry(10)

Music: Fr.Shaji Thumpechirayil,Tojo Thankachan(3,4,7,11,14,15)Sunil Jospeh(2),Sanjay(13)

Singers: Jeevan, Swetha, Tojo Thankachan, Pradeep Philip, Daleema, Justin thomas, Vijay Yesudas, Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil, kester, Sunil V Joy, Tinku Marian, Bobby Xavier, K G Markose, G Venugopal, Sudarsan, Instrumental

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Thaarakam Paadunnallo by Jeevan
2 Nilavu peythoru by Swetha
3 Bethlehemilchennu njan by Tojo Thankachan,Pradeep Philip
4 Manjupeyyunna Raavil by Daleema
5 Pulkkoottil Ponnunni by Justin thomas
6 Aanandham by Vijay Yesudas
7 Maalakhamaare by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
8 Yaathrayayi by kester
9 Mary mizhikl by Sunil V Joy,Tinku Marian
10 Aashwasa puthran by kester
11 Kandalum by Bobby Xavier
12 Raajavin by K G Markose
13 Varunnu christmas Raathri by G Venugopal
14 Oru Poonilavai by Sudarsan
15 Pithavinum by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
16 Tharakam_Padun karoake by Instrumental
17 Aanandham karoake by Instrumental
18 Pulkkoottil karoake by Instrumental
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