Ninte Hitham Pole(Released Date: 10/10/2010)

christian Devotional songs

Lyrics: Fr.Thomas Edayal, Bro.Joseph Mukalel

Music: Samji Arattupuzha

Singers: kester, Bindhu Thomas, Rani Joy, Sebi, Ramesh Murali, Daleema, K G Markose, Samji Arattupuzha, Ramash Murali

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Kathukaathekanay
2 Mahimayezhum Parameshwara. by kester
3 Ninte Hitham Pole by Bindhu Thomas,Rani Joy,Sebi
4 Prarthana Kelkkaname by Ramesh Murali
5 Prarthikkan Padippikkane by Daleema
6 Rakshithavine Kaanka. by Ramesh Murali
7 Swargathil Ninnirangi by K G Markose
8 Vandhanam Yeshupar by Ramesh Murali
9 Yeshu En Adisthaanam by Samji Arattupuzha
10 Yeshuve Nin Paadham by Ramesh Murali
11 Yeshuve Poleyaakuvan. by Ramash Murali
12 Yeshuvin Thirupadhathin by Samji Arattupuzha
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