Niyatham(Released Date: 11-01-2014)

Christian Devotionals by Fr. Sebastian Muthuplakkal

Lyrics: Fr. Sebastian Muthuplakkal,Ann V Kuruvila(7,9)

Music: Biju Kanjirappally

Singers: Wislon Piravom, kester, Swetha, Preetha, Ganesh Sundharam, Manjari, Ramesh Murali, Wilswaraj, Biju Kanjirappally, Vijay Yesudas, Najeem Arshad

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Nirayum Ninnil by Wislon Piravom
2 Balivedhiyil by kester
3 Dhivyakarunyamay FM by Swetha
4 Thiruvosthiroopanay FM by Preetha
5 Thiruvothiroopanaay by Wislon Piravom
6 Dhaivathinnathmavam by Ganesh Sundharam
7 Ekanthathayude FM by Manjari
8 Kurbaanavedhiyil by Ramesh Murali
9 Kaalvarinaadhante by Wilswaraj
10 Osthiroopanam by Biju Kanjirappally
11 Prarthikkum Manamode by kester
12 Dhivyakarunyamam by Vijay Yesudas
13 Ekanthathayude by Najeem Arshad
14 Dhaveedhin Soonovay by Ganesh Sundharam
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