Njan Njan Thanne(Released Date: 7-1-2012)

Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs : Music by Baby John Kalayanthani

Lyrics: Johnson Paul Kunnappillil

Music: Baby John Kalayanthani

Singers: K G Markose, Madhu Balakrishnan, kester, Midhila Michael, biju narayanan, Aswathi Vijayan

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Introduction
2 Njan Njan Thanne by K G Markose
3 Malakal Akannu by Madhu Balakrishnan
4 Poojyamam Bali by kester
5 Ennathmavinte by Midhila Michael
6 Sakthanakunnu by biju narayanan
7 Athmavil daridran by Madhu Balakrishnan
8 Jeevanulla Vachanam by K G Markose
9 Malakal Akannu by Aswathi Vijayan
10 Anandamam by K G Markose
11 Nangalkennum by Midhila Michael
12 Marathadichu by kester
13 Karthavin Munthiri by Midhila Michael
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