Pravachanam(Released Date: 28-05-2005)

Lyrics: Lijo Kadavil

Music: Lijo Kadavil,Satheesh P C(9)

Singers: Rohith, Bobby Xavier, Jessy James, kester, Suresh, Satheesh P C, Subha, Santhosh, Jeevan Mathew

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Eeshoye Onnu by Rohith
2 Enikkai Chinthiya by Bobby Xavier
3 Enne Rakshikkan FM by Jessy James
4 Enne Rakshikkan by kester
5 Sacrari trailor
6 Kalvariyathrayil by Suresh
7 Nandhinjan Padunnu by Satheesh P C
8 Ormayil Nin by Subha
9 Shakthane Aviduthe by Santhosh
10 Yeshuve Nokkuvan by Jeevan Mathew
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