Rakshavathil(Released Date: 06/01/2007)

Christian malayalam devotional songs by Sam Thomas

Lyrics: Sam Thomas

Music: Sam Thomas

Singers: Sam Thomas, kester, Mary Vijayan, Jiji Sam, Elizabeth Raju

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Aaradhicheedam by Sam Thomas
2 En Maravidamay by Sam Thomas
3 Ennalum Enn by kester
4 Enpriyane En by Mary Vijayan
5 Inneyolam by Sam Thomas,Jiji Sam
6 Israyelin Dheivam by kester
7 Kaahaladhwani by Sam Thomas
8 Kaalam Theeraray. by Jiji Sam
9 Maaratha Sneham by Elizabeth Raju
10 Rakshavathil by Mary Vijayan
11 Sakalathinunnathan by kester,Jiji Sam
12 Sreeyeshunaadha by kester
13 Yahovaye Sthuthippin by Elizabeth Raju
14 Yeshuve En Jeevane by kester
15 Yeshuvenin by kester
16 Maarukayilla
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