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Christmas Songs with Karaoke lyrics by  Fr.Shaji Thumpechirayil

Lyrics: Fr.Shaji Thumpechirayil, Jacob Chacko(9)

Music: Fr.Shaji Thumpechirayil, Tojo Thankachan(4,8,Anupallavi of song no 1), Jacob Chacko(9)

Singers: Jeevan, Tojo Thankachan, Sunil V Joy, Bindhu, Rani, Melin, Princy, Chorus, Gagul, Sebi, Neena, Bobby Xavier, Wilson Piravom, Alisha Rachel Alexander, Vijay Yesudas, Jeevan Mathew, Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil, Bindu, Mable, Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil, Siji, Gagul Joseph, Bindhu Thomas, Swetha, Pradeep Philip, Justin thomas, kester, K G Markose, G.Venugopal, Sudarsan, Namitha Correa, Blesson Philip, O U Basheer, Archna, Swetha Sankar, Kishore Varma, Unni Menon, P.Unnikrishnan, Sachin, Sujatha, subin, Instrumental

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Sl. No Songs
1 Santhaapam Theerkkan by Jeevan,Tojo Thankachan,Sunil V Joy
2 Itha Suthan Nissaranayi by Bindhu,Rani,Melin,Princy
3 Merry Merry Christmas by Chorus
4 Kulirekum by Bindhu,Sunil V Joy
5 Thankameghachirakil by Bindhu,Melin,Jeevan,Gagul,Sebi,Rani,Princy
6 MInnum Minnale Female by Neena
7 Dhivyathaarame by Bobby Xavier
8 Ente Kanneerin by Tojo Thankachan
9 Aa Dhivyaghaanam by Wilson Piravom
10 Vaaroliyee by Alisha Rachel Alexander
11 Hallelluiah by Vijay Yesudas
12 Minnum MInnale Male by Bobby Xavier
13 Varoli Ee M by Jeevan Mathew
14 Vaanil Thaarakam by Sunil V Joy
15 Manju Peyyunna by Vijay Yesudas
16 Christhumas Titile by Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil
17 Merry Christhumas. by Bindu,Chorus
18 Gloriya. by Mable,Chorus
19 Tharakam by Gagul,Chorus
20 Nenjile by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
21 Bethlahemil. by Tojo Thankachan
22 Suraloka by Princy,Chorus
23 Halleluy by Sebi,Chorus
24 Kanivinte by Siji,Chorus
25 Minnaminni. by Gagul Joseph,Chorus
26 Christhumas Ravil by Bindhu Thomas
27 Merry Christhumas by Sunil V Joy
28 Aanandathil by Sebi,Chorus
29 Tharakam Padunnall by Jeevan Mathew
30 Nilavu Peithoru. by Swetha
31 Bethaleham by Tojo Thankachan,Pradeep Philip
32 Pulkoottill by Justin thomas
33 Aanandam by Vijay Yesudas
34 Malakha by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
35 Yathrayai by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
36 Meri Mizhikal by Sunil V Joy
37 Aaswasaputhran by kester
38 Kandalum by Bobby Xavier
39 Rajavin by K G Markose
40 Varunnu Crismas by G.Venugopal
41 Oru Poonilavai. by Sudarsan
42 Pithavinum by Fr. Shaji Thumpechirayil
43 Thirunal Thiruna by kester,Chorus
44 Ring Out Wild Bells by Namitha Correa,Blesson Philip
45 Mery Crismus. by O U Basheer,Archna
46 Jil Jil jil. by Swetha Sankar,Chorus
47 Pacizhamanju Pole by Sunil V Joy,Chorus
48 Pazhamathin. by Kishore Varma
49 Neelavanaveedhi. by Unni Menon,Swetha,kester,P.Unnikrishnan,Sachin,Sujatha
50 Christmas by kester,subin
51 Vachanam by K G Markose
52 Santhapam Theerkkan Karaoke by Instrumental
53 itha Suthan Karaoke by Instrumental
54 Thankamekhachirakil Karaoke by Instrumental
55 Aadivyaganam Karaoke by Instrumental
56 Divyatharame Karaoke by Instrumental
57 Ente Kanneerin Karaoke. by Instrumental
58 Kulirekum Karaoke. by Instrumental
59 Minnum Minnale Karaoke by Instrumental
60 Vanil Tharakam by Instrumental
61 Minna Minni Karaoke.
62 Tharakam Karaoke by Instrumental
63 Aanandam Karaoke by Instrumental
64 Pulkoottil Karaoke by Instrumental
65 Halleluya Karaoke. by Instrumental
66 Thirunal Karaoke by Instrumental
67 Yathrayai Karaoke by Instrumental
68 Rajavin Rajave Karaoke by Instrumental
69 Jil Jil Karaoke. by Instrumental
70 Pazhamathan Karaoke. by Instrumental
71 Pavizha Manju Karaoke by Instrumental
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Sl. No Songs
1 Ithaa Suthan
2 Merry Merry Christmas
3 Merry Merry Christmas
4 Kulirekum
5 Thankameghachirakil
6 Minnum MInnale
7 Dhivyatharame
8 Ente Kanneerin
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Price: Rs50

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