Thamburan(Released Date: 20-01-2015)

Christian Devotional Songs

Lyrics: Johnson Paul Kunnappillil

Music: Baby John Kalayanthani , Fr.Tijo Thomas,Eenam Jose , Joji Johns , Sebastian Chumapunkal

Singers: biju narayanan, Manoj, Baby Shreya, kester, Midhila Michael, Elizabeth Raju, Wilson Piravom, Gagul Joseph, Ramash Murali, Bindhu Thomas, Johnson paul

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Karthavanu Ennabhayam by biju narayanan
2 Snehapithaave by Manoj
3 Eesho Eesho by Baby Shreya
4 Vishwaasavum by kester
5 Ethranaal Ethranaal by biju narayanan
6 Aathmavin Phalam by Midhila Michael
7 Kshmayude Punyam by kester
8 Amme Ente Amme by Elizabeth Raju
9 Sneham Sneham Sneham by Wilson Piravom
10 Durbalanam Enne by Gagul Joseph
11 Parishudha Janani by Ramash Murali
12 Eesho Eesho by Bindhu Thomas
13 Thante swantha by Johnson paul
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