Vannalum Eeshoye Vol. 2(Released Date: 06-02-2007)

Malayalam Christian Devotional Song

Lyrics: Prof. Thomas Kanayamplackal,Prof. Mathew Ulakamthara

Music: P J Antony Fathimapuram,Amil Sisla,Fr Thomas D Thykkattussery

Singers: Wilson Piravom, Deepa Binu, kester

Price: Rs100

Sl. No Songs
1 Kanyayam Mary by Wilson Piravom
2 Pavanamakum by Deepa Binu
3 Narakulapalakan by Wilson Piravom
4 Nadhane Kaikkollam by Deepa Binu
5 Penthakkustha by Wilson Piravom
6 Varikayay by Deepa Binu
7 Dhivyakoodhasha by Wilson Piravom
8 Pallikoodhasha by Wilson Piravom
9 Kudamaloorin by kester
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