Varameku Krupachoriyo(Released Date: 12/10/2008)

Christian Malayalam Devotional Songs

Lyrics: Lucy Roshan

Music: Shankarabharanam(1,2,15),Kamboji(4),Malahari(7,8,9,13),Kalyani(6),Bilahari(5),Shudhasaveri(10),Kavadi Sindhu(14),

Singers: Elizabeth Raju, kester, Ramesh Murali, Gagul Joseph, Swetha Sankar, Chorus, Reichal Mary Joyce

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Eeshoye Snehame by Elizabeth Raju
2 Karthavanen by kester
3 Pavanathmave by Ramesh Murali
4 Sanketham Niray by Ramesh Murali
5 Sarvasrishti by Gagul Joseph
6 Shakthanam Thaatha by Gagul Joseph
7 Sreeyeshudheva by Gagul Joseph
8 Sthuthiyum Sthothravum by Ramesh Murali
9 Threeyekadheva by Swetha Sankar
10 Vaanadhoodharothu by Ramesh Murali
11 Varamekoo Krupachoriyoo by Elizabeth Raju
12 Yeshunadha Varene by Ramesh Murali
13 Yeshunayak by Elizabeth Raju
14 Yeshuvin Kunjungal by Swetha Sankar,Chorus
15 Yeshuvinte Snehithan by Reichal Mary Joyce
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