Vishudha Sanchaaram(Released Date: 10-05-2006)

Lyrics: Rajeev Alunkal

Music: Jerson Antony,Josi(5,9,10),Herbert(4,7)

Singers: K G Markose, John Thomas, Rani Philomina, kester, Sheeba John, Sudeep Kumar, Siby Abraham

Price: Rs75

Sl. No Songs
1 Swargavedhiyil by K G Markose
2 Mezhukaay by John Thomas
3 Sooryashobhayode by Rani Philomina
4 Amme Bhaagyavath by kester
5 Manjupole by Sheeba John
6 Jeevitha Vazhiyi by Sudeep Kumar
7 Manassunalkunnu by Rani Philomina
8 Thaarakangal by Siby Abraham
9 Osthiyi by Sheeba John
10 Abhayamadhurakaalam by John Thomas
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